Experience to Match
Your Expectations

When it comes to your goals, we have one rule: don’t settle. Don’t settle for “off the shelf” and ordinary. Don’t settle for lacking insights. Don’t settle for lacking service. Don’t settle for subpar performance. When your life’s earnings are at stake, these expectations are fundamental.

We Listen. We Support. We Advise.

Whether your goal is worry-free retirement or superior asset growth and protection, VWM works with you to achieve your objectives and financial goals. We work with individuals, families, business owners, corporations, and nonprofit organizations with the same approach: nothing is more important than your future.

Backed by the Best & Committed to Service

The biggest differentiator between advisory firms is the people behind those firms.

Our team’s experience, insights, and commitment to excellence has earned it the reputation as the one of the most powerful boutique firms in the Philadelphia region. At VWM, service is at the core of how we operate. We ensure that work is done right the first time, and that we’re consistently communicating with you. It’s an approach that has earned us a 99% client retention rate.

Personalized, Actively
Managed Portfolios

The quickest and easiest way for an advisor to make money in our industry is to sell the same portfolio to many people over and over. That’s not us. Your portfolio is based on your goals, backed by our team’s research, and is driven by how you want to participate with the larger market.

Full Fee

Different than many of our competitors, we don’t confuse when it comes to fees. No surprises. No hidden fees. Just solid financial advice with a process and fee structure that is clearly communicated and plainly understood.

Consistent Education
& Planning

As advisors, our clients are a part of every decision that we make on their behalf. In order to make the best decisions possible, we ensure that our clients are informed about the work we’re doing and its connection to both the broader market and their goals. We’re consistently sharing information and adapting our clients’ plans as circumstances change.