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December 4 , 2017
Statistic of the Week: 
Last week, the sovereign wealth fund of Norway became the first of its kind to surpass $1 trillion in assets. As the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund, the approximately 5 million people of Norway own more than 1% of the publicly traded shares across the globe.
Global Perspective: 
After being downgraded to “junk” during the eurozone’s monetary and financial crisis, Portuguese debt was given a bump last week when Standard & Poor’s increased the country’s debt rating back to investment grade. This move helped lower the cost of borrowing for the country as their economy appears to be picking up steam.
Market Moving Events: 
Tuesday: New Home Sales, Consumer Confidence Wednesday: Durable Goods Orders, Pending Home Sales Thursday: GDP, International Trade, Jobless Claims Friday: Personal Income, Consumer Sentiment
Markets were largely unchanged last week. The S&P 500 rose 0.08%, the DJIA picked up 0.36%, and the NASDAQ retreated -0.33%.1 The range of trading was incredibly narrow, with the S&P 500 trading within a 12 point band (just under 0.5% high to low) all week.2 This was the narrowest range that the index has traded in on a weekly basis since 1972.3 International equities told a similar story. Developed markets, represented by the MSCI EAFE, finished the week up 0.70%, while emerging markets had virtually no change, up 0.03%.4 The malaise was reflected in the fixed income markets as well. The 10-year Treasury yield on Friday was 2.26%, up six basis points from the week prior.5 Markets were myopically focused on last week’s Federal Reserve announcement, which was in line with analyst expectations. The Fed confirmed that it would begin to reduce the size of its $4.2 trillion balance sheet, starting at a pace of $10 billion per month. After a period of three months, and then quarter by quarter, they will increase this figure by $10 billion per month until a maximum of $50 billion per month is reached.6 This move has been well-telegraphed and the markets took the announcement in stride. On the policy, Fed Chair Yellen noted “US economic performance has been good. The American people should feel the steps we have taken to normalize monetary policy are well justified.”7 We agree. - Dan McElwee, CFP®
Chart of the Week: 
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Statistic of the Week:

The Economist

Global Perspective:

 The Economist

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Chart of the Week:

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6. Barron’s
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