Business Services

Business owners and corporate executives know best the value of their companies.  For most, their business is the engine for wealth creation.  These companies are not just places where people go to work, but where hard work and dedication makes an impact on the lives of owners, employees, customers, and the community.  When VWM works with a business, we take the time to understand the company’s mission and vision.  We then design tailored financial solutions to meet your objectives. Our business clients know that VWM is not just a service provider, but a member of their financial team. 

Some of the services VWM offers corporate clients include:

• Retirement Plans: 401(k), 403(b), Defined Benefit, Deferred Compensation
• Reserve Account Management
• Investment Account Management
• Insurance Solutions for Key Executives
• Cross Purchase/ Transition Strategies
• Stock Option Maximization

You know that your company is not going to remain static – your wealth management team should be evolving with you.