Asset Management

For the past three decades, the professionals at VWM have successfully managed client assets.  The worthy goal of capital appreciation is anchored in principal preservation.   Effective risk control, coupled with discipline and agility, especially during adverse conditions, can lead to superior long term performance.  Irrespective of market conditions, clients receive ongoing interaction and communications regarding strategies employed on their behalf.

Dynamic asset allocation is the cornerstone of our discipline. Studies show that 80% to 100% of portfolio returns are dependent upon asset allocation decisions – not individual security selection.*  Our team conducts independent research and has developed proprietary tools to help navigate market conditions.  Through fundamental, quantitative, and technical analysis, we strive to protect capital and capture opportunities for appreciation.

We believe the principles of sound financial management are universal. Whether maximizing a company retirement plan or crafting a worry free strategy for a retiring couple, we are dedicated to finding the best available products, services, and solutions for our clients.

Wealth management requires a team based approach.  Our clients feel secure in knowing that a dedicated team of portfolio managers, financial advisors, insurance specialists, and service personnel is monitoring and managing their accounts daily.  VWM uses an integrated approach to support our clients and their dreams.

*”Does Asset Allocation Policy Explain 40, 90, or 100 Percent of Performance,” Roger G. Ibbotson and Paul D. Kaplan, Association for Investment Management and Research, Jan / Feb 2000